Friday, 26 October 2018

Data Management Solution to Aerospace Industries using SOLIDWORKS

          Aerospace industry is one of the most creative engineering fields and it involves complicated design and process to meet the world class standard. The approval process of an aerospace industry is entirely different and need to undergo lot of scrutinization because it involves human safety and comfort parameters

          Let’s see how SOLIDWORKS provides the complete innovative solution for common challenges in managing of data and technical communication.

  • Controlling and Managing of design data particularly CAD and project documents 
  • Workflow automation for different types of projects and process structure 
  • Sharing data to downstream department and Collaboration with the multiple vendors 
  • Ensuring the right data at the right time with the correct revisions and versions updation 
  • Segregated of design data with the multiple teams and locations 
  • Aerospace industry requires lots of details in technical product communication 
  • Communicating and documenting of technical design information to the Market, Vendors and Suppliers 
  • Internal design related communication to Manufacturing and Assembly line 

  • SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management enables the organisation to store the data in a centralised storage with a secured vault
  • Based on the workflow of any organisation design data can be stored and retrieved 
  • With the centralised storage and accessibility authorisation for both user and administrator level is possible 
  • An integrated search tool with more than 120 types of filters will helps to retrieve the data without any interruption in minimal time 
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer gives the complete solutions for making technical design communication and documentation at design stage 
  • As per the requirement we can create Product manuals, Part catalogues, Service manuals with the complete technical information 
  • Visual animation of product assembling and dismantling in a most interactive 3D output 
  • Easy integration of SOLIDWORKS and data management with SOLIDWORKS ecosystem 
  • Granular security provides the complete confidentiality in maintaining data 
  • Efficient time saver in retrieving data of various projects 
  • Interactive communication to the layman level 
  • Documentation, Manuals and Animations by using a CAD Data at low cost 


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