Friday, 15 November 2013

Benefits of 3D Design

Industries in India have started adopting 3D Design Technology as a part of the design process on account of many benefits unavailable with 2D CAD

Enhance  Visualization and Communication across the organization,customers and supplies

Eliminate manual updates of design changes up-stream and down stream,thereby avoiding errors

Reduce errors with interference and collision checking and eliminate re-work an on-site corrections

Re - use existing designs for higher productivity

Accelerate development cycles with virtual testing and optimization,using 3D CAD framework,for least count.

Ensure Design for manufacturing upfront and benefit from time and cost saving

Create bill of materials,even at RFQ stage,to estimate costs and manage data smoothly with ERP/MRP Systems

Empower Sales and Marketing team with presentation material for communication of engineering data.

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Team EGS

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