Thursday, 23 November 2017

Design Optimization Using SOLIDWORKS Configuration Publisher

Configuration Publisher provide a solution for design optimization. It is used to create
custom Property Manager for selecting configurations of parts and assemblies.
Configuration Publisher is placed in the property manager. Use the Property Manager
when adding a component to an assembly in SOLIDWORKS or when downloading a
model from 3D Content Central. To work with configuration Publisher, Microsoft Excel must
be installed on our system.

Configuration Publisher to control the ranges of features in the part to optimized
automatically in the design table. The Configuration Publisher dialog box, you can able to
create an interface for specifying configurations of parts and assemblies. It will use the
interface of SOLIDWORKS and 3DContentCentral.

1. Right click the top of the feature manager design tree and select the Configuration
Publisher as in Fig 1.

2. If you not create design table,The Configure Publisher to auto-create the design “Yes” In the confirm auto-create window as in Fig 2.
3. After click the “yes” tab to automatically open the dimension window,select the
dimensions to make the design table.

4. The Configuration Publisher box will then come up showing the different properties
(control box) that can be used to filter through the configurations. You set attributes for
each control in the available options vary depending on the control type and creation of
model variants.

It’s very useful to control over the Dimensions, Materials, Suppression states,etc. You
can drag the list box controls from the left in to middle to use, while the middle section the
edit tab is selected.
5. Selecting control boxes in the middle automatically open the attribute tab in the same
window right side. It allows to editing its properties on the attributes tab.

6. After editing is completed, click Apply for the changes to be reflect on to the model. Also
can share our mofidified model to web with the help of Upload to 3D Content Central.

7. When opening part file in assembly, configure component tab will open automatically
and set your input values.


  • The configure Publisher which is used to Controlling part configurations, exploring design tables, creating a design table.
  • This improves flexibility and lets you create more configurations.
  • Create configurations and share them by automatically uploading your designs to 3D Content Central.
  • It is used to reduce the time of the changes in the model designing.


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