Friday, 17 August 2018

SOLIDWORKS Solutions that can address the challenges in Food Processing Industry

An extensive analysis of current trends in Food Industry says that there is a enormous opportunity in the upcoming years in Food Processing industrial sector. A variety of Machines should exist in design, size and configuration that can be conveniently operated in food processing. Therefore, the manufacturing product should not have any deviation. So that product design should be good and ergonomic.

Let us see how we can achieve cost effective product design and be a leader in food processing industry by applying SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions.

Challenges in Food Processing Industry:

  • Repeative Design changes and Reworks 
  • Miscommunication in 2D Design and Manufacturing 
  • Low Machine Performance 
  • Production down time 
  • Moderate Output Capacity 
  • More Power Consumption 
  • Fewer Capability in Continuous Operational process 

SOLIDWORKS Solution for the Challenges faced in Food Processing Industry:

  • Bunch of 2D Drawings? 
    • Convert 2D to 3D directly and reduce design time and error 
  • Lot of Repeat and Manual Changes? 
    • SOLIDWORKS has potential tool called “Associativity’’-Automatic Update whenever design changes happen .
  • Avoid delay and error in manufacture Drawing and eliminate miscommunication 
  • Reduce manual work and labour cost: Automate the Design simply by controlling Numerical values, not by formulae or equation 
  • Motor & Material Selection: Find the exact specification in Motor selection. So that you can avoid over design and material wastage 
  • Eliminate Prototype and its cost: Evaluate the Machine that can withstand different loading condition or not. 
  • Achieve maximum output power and be a leader in your food processing industry. 


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