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Friday, 30 November 2018

Produce Efficient Design by SOLIDWORKS Products

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 Large Assembly Handling

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019?

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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Part Delighter

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Design and Validation of Aerial Vehicle through SOLIDWORKS

          The UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) model was designed and virtually validated through SOLIDWORKS. Figure 1 show the model in the SOLIDWORKS window.

Flexible, Agile Development
          The intelligent of the SOLIDWORKS to modify the design efficiently and quickly had created a big impact on the development process. Its flexibility on importing 3D model form 3D content centre and accessing the toolbox for standard component like Bolts, bearing and lot more made the software more user friendly and reduced the time of the designer which leads them to focus on new innovations.

Routing Vehicle Systems
          Planning and designing control boards and wiring with in the fuselage, primary and secondary actuator are critical due to it’s compactness and aerodynamic structures. Where through SOLIDWORKS Routing we can design the electrical wiring in and around the fuselage to connect the control board and wiring lines of brakes, fuel lines and cooling hoses.

FLOW Simulation Improves Aerodynamics
          The UAV must be more efficient in the aerodynamic design other wise there will be loss of energy due to wind drag force. Through SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation we can study the wind flow around the design and we can post process the flow trajectory around the model. Figure 2 & 3 show the flow trajectory of pressure around the design. From the study we can conclude that the Primary actuator or the air foil structure is perfectly aerodynamic.

Simulations Save Time, Cut Costs, Reduce Prototypes
          From the SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation we understood that the design is aerodynamic but we need to gain confidence whether the UAV is good to go under real time load conditions for the particular material. In SOLIDWORKS we can import CFD data to FEA for further studies. Figure 4 shows the static study where the input load is the wind which was defined in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.

          At the time of landing the drones experience sudden impact so the traditional process of validating whether the drone can withstand the impact or not is destructive testing where a prototype of the drone will be made and tested under real time conditions. With SOLIDWORKS Simulation can perform drop test, figure 5 shows the stress level due to sudden impact.
Through SOLIDWORKS we can eliminate costly prototype and testing facility, so that we can cut the cost of the product and also the development time is cut shorted.


Friday, 26 October 2018

Data Management Solution to Aerospace Industries using SOLIDWORKS

          Aerospace industry is one of the most creative engineering fields and it involves complicated design and process to meet the world class standard. The approval process of an aerospace industry is entirely different and need to undergo lot of scrutinization because it involves human safety and comfort parameters

          Let’s see how SOLIDWORKS provides the complete innovative solution for common challenges in managing of data and technical communication.

  • Controlling and Managing of design data particularly CAD and project documents 
  • Workflow automation for different types of projects and process structure 
  • Sharing data to downstream department and Collaboration with the multiple vendors 
  • Ensuring the right data at the right time with the correct revisions and versions updation 
  • Segregated of design data with the multiple teams and locations 
  • Aerospace industry requires lots of details in technical product communication 
  • Communicating and documenting of technical design information to the Market, Vendors and Suppliers 
  • Internal design related communication to Manufacturing and Assembly line 

  • SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management enables the organisation to store the data in a centralised storage with a secured vault
  • Based on the workflow of any organisation design data can be stored and retrieved 
  • With the centralised storage and accessibility authorisation for both user and administrator level is possible 
  • An integrated search tool with more than 120 types of filters will helps to retrieve the data without any interruption in minimal time 
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer gives the complete solutions for making technical design communication and documentation at design stage 
  • As per the requirement we can create Product manuals, Part catalogues, Service manuals with the complete technical information 
  • Visual animation of product assembling and dismantling in a most interactive 3D output 
  • Easy integration of SOLIDWORKS and data management with SOLIDWORKS ecosystem 
  • Granular security provides the complete confidentiality in maintaining data 
  • Efficient time saver in retrieving data of various projects 
  • Interactive communication to the layman level 
  • Documentation, Manuals and Animations by using a CAD Data at low cost 


Monday, 15 October 2018

Innovative Textile Machine Design Using SOLIDWORKS

          Textile Machine Design & manufacturing need to innovate and implement various industry trends to make day to day productivity even more faster.

Latest Trends in Textile Machine Design

• Develop and standardize new product development in a shorter time
• Reduce/eliminate physical prototypes

• Improve reliability, accuracy and repeatability
• Implement latest trends and technologies to make time to market even more faster

Challenges faced by Textile Machinery Development Process

• Reduce number of physical prototypes
• Improve reliability to avoid costly warranty work
• Find out fit, form functionality before assembly
• Mechanism and structural design failure cause much problem while assembly
• Design changes and revision control is a tedious process
• Large assembly and drawing creation takes much time to complete

SOLIDWORKS Solutions Proposed

• SOLIDWORKS is a source to make concept model in to 3D and evaluate during design stage

• Integrated solution to create, analyze and make CAD changes frequently without design errors
• Manufacturing feasiblity can also be ensure during intial stage of product development
• Integrate design and manufacturing in one application to make effective NC programming
• Shaft failure simulation and life predictions in textile machineries
• Deflection and stiffness calculations for large environmental equipment’s
• Ensure structural safety and stability through static analysis
• Life expectancy calculations for dryers (static and rotary), rotating equipment’s and load-bearing members.
• Cost reduction is possible through virtual validation of entire machine - at the Design Stage itself

Benefits of Implementing SOLIDWORKS 

• Reduced design cycles by more than 30%
• Ability to share drawings, images and documentation
• Advanced assembling functions, versatility, and flexibility
• Analysis conducted parallel with development work
• Streamlined the handling of design changes
• SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps to avoid design errors

SOLIDWORKS Customer Testimonial:

“The improvements to our product development process that SOLIDWORKS has enabled allow us to support growth of more than 500 percent.”
- Mr. Jorge Smart Cruz Arenal, Director General


Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Monday, 1 October 2018

Food Processing Industry Composer

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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Produce Efficient & Optimized Design for Medical Devices using SOLIDWORKS

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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Life Science Products & Projects with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

     Life sciences & Healthcare Industry is considered to be one of the most expensive market in terms of Product Development and Innovation, ensuring Safety and Reliability of Products to mankind.

     Medical device and equipment manufacturers will undergo various regulations and norms for the product development. In order to continue the process by overcoming all the hurdles and investing more time on innovation, SOLIDWORKS provides an integrated Data management, Collaboration and Technical communication solution from Design to after sales.

Challenges faced in Medical Industry:
  • Difficulty in managing product related Data & Files (Parts, Assemblies, Drawings, Standards, Reference Documents) across the Design & Development process
  • Unable to track Legacy data & Existing Designs for new equipment and device Concept
  • Managing Revisions & Versions in existing Projects is complicated
  • Collaboration of ECAD and MCAD as well as Bill of materials
  • Unable to collaborate with multiple locations of an organizations
  • Data segregation and accessibility between Departments
  • Demoing the Exploded View of the Device and Understanding the Mechanisms
  • Difficulties in delivering the right assembly Instructions to assembly line
  • Communicating the right information to the Service engineers & Creating Service Manuals

  • Creating and maintaining your Product development data in a single data location with a secured vault where the design engineers can Store and retrieve files
  • Integrated file Preview, Powerful Searching, File Structure and File rename features of PDM helps you to reuse the existing Project Information (to eliminate recreating designs).
  • Manage Design revisions more effectively to track design revisions and maintain a complete revision history to avoid the errors of manual approaches.
  • Companies having Design teams working in different locations can collaborate with Single Vault storage, Automatic alerts, Web connection to access files globally with browser and internet.

  • Now with SOLIDWORKS COMPOSER, Animate and visualise to explore about your Product in Exploded Views and also give usage instructions to Patients and Medical Representatives
  • Demonstrate clearly and present your product or process using 2D and 3D graphical content including interactive BOM’S
  • Illustrate and transfer a high-quality images and even interactive servicing information to prepare Technical documents like manuals and catalogue.
  • Smart and Powerful Integration of SOLIDWORKS and Windows
  • Easy find and re-use design data no matter how older it is
  • Secured access within the organization both domestic and international
  • Automated approval process & work flow
  • Reduce documentation costs by at 25 %
  • Adds life to documentation with interactive 3D animations.


Friday, 17 August 2018

SOLIDWORKS Solutions that can address the challenges in Food Processing Industry

An extensive analysis of current trends in Food Industry says that there is a enormous opportunity in the upcoming years in Food Processing industrial sector. A variety of Machines should exist in design, size and configuration that can be conveniently operated in food processing. Therefore, the manufacturing product should not have any deviation. So that product design should be good and ergonomic.

Let us see how we can achieve cost effective product design and be a leader in food processing industry by applying SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions.

Challenges in Food Processing Industry:

  • Repeative Design changes and Reworks 
  • Miscommunication in 2D Design and Manufacturing 
  • Low Machine Performance 
  • Production down time 
  • Moderate Output Capacity 
  • More Power Consumption 
  • Fewer Capability in Continuous Operational process 

SOLIDWORKS Solution for the Challenges faced in Food Processing Industry:

  • Bunch of 2D Drawings? 
    • Convert 2D to 3D directly and reduce design time and error 
  • Lot of Repeat and Manual Changes? 
    • SOLIDWORKS has potential tool called “Associativity’’-Automatic Update whenever design changes happen .
  • Avoid delay and error in manufacture Drawing and eliminate miscommunication 
  • Reduce manual work and labour cost: Automate the Design simply by controlling Numerical values, not by formulae or equation 
  • Motor & Material Selection: Find the exact specification in Motor selection. So that you can avoid over design and material wastage 
  • Eliminate Prototype and its cost: Evaluate the Machine that can withstand different loading condition or not. 
  • Achieve maximum output power and be a leader in your food processing industry. 


Ergonomic Design & Validation in Medical Industry using SOLIDWORKS Solutions

Healthcare Industries are Developing new Strategies to Improve the Product Innovation by adopting new technologies and Trends like artificial intelligence, Smart Wearables and IoT devices.

SOLIDWORKS partners with Medical Industries to make the experience better and Ensure Better living, by helping the Design & Development of these Products. Medical innovation including Ebola Tester, Bionic Arm,Infant Incubator, Powered Orthosis Brace and many more are powered by SOLIDWORKS.

Challenges in Design & Development process of Medical Devices Industry:

  • Standardization & Regulatory Compliance in Design of Medical Devices
  • Responding to Design Changes and Validation of the new Version
  • Safety Consideration and Human Factor Engineering
  • Minimize the Overall Costs involved in the Process of Design & Development
  • Creating Prototypes for Testing and Experimentation
  • Portable and Foolproof Designs for better experience through Product Innovation
SOLIDWORKS Solutions in Handling Medical Equipment Industry Challenges:
  • SOLIDWORKS Enables Designers to Create Ergonomic Designs that satisfies FDA regulatory Requirements.
  • Integrated Solutions helps Design Specialists to easily create and Modify the Designs and helps in Virtual Prototyping for Validation & Marketing Needs.
  • Validation of Designs with expected Environmental Conditions like Temperature,Vibration, Shock and Fatigue can be done with Simulation Solutions to ensure reliability & Safety.
  • Achieve Cost Targets through Design Optimization and Create Green Products, Find Alternate Materials using Sustainability Features.
  • Promote your Designs with latest 3D Printing technologies with SOLIDWORKS additive Manufacturing.
  • Powerful Modelling imparting best in class Design Techniques ensure Product Innovation.

Benefits attained by Medical Industries
  • Deliver Devices & Equipment that satisfies Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduce Time to Market & Stay ahead of Competitors
  • Increased Reliability of Products to ensure safety of Patients
  • Cost Savings without Compromising the Product Reliability is achieved.

Customer Voice:
"SOLIDWORKS a user-friendly Software eased our difficulty in geometric sloped designs and reduced our precious hours during design. Thanks to E G S for providing their continuous support."
Mr. Prakash K
Asst. Engineer
Trivitron Healthcare Pvt Ltd